Pietresto. “Stone’s rest”.

Built where the river falls over a great cliff.

The river connects the mountains in the northeast to Idra, a major trading city to the west at the mouth of the river.

The city boasts a Locks system to take major shipments over the falls to complete this trade route.

The city is famous for:
- enabling trade between the dwarven miners of the mountains and the world-commerce humans of Idra.
- the site of the final battle of the Dwarven-Human War
- the site of the peace treaty signing between dwarves and humans
- the site of the trade agreement signing between dwarves and humans
- the greatest libraries of Ortisse, combining centuries of knowledge from the worlds of the dwarves and humans, the world beyond.

The site of the Truce between the dwarves of Felagod Yar Torst (dwarven for “Company of Western Ventures”, Western Venture Company in common) and the Dukes of Ortisse. It controls the locks bearing barges from the northeastern mountains down for sale or portage from the Capitol, Idra. Annual adjustments to their trade agreements are often negotiated at the Summer Festival (in honor of Ephora, and now also Uminato), so several Idran families send representatives to Pietresto, to seek favors from the dwarves.


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