Elric Ragnarson

A violent human of the cloth, devoted to the downfall of Frost Giants.


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Elric Ragnarson, or Elric Halfhand is the second son of Ulric Ragnarson. He is a Norseman from the frozen tundra of ___, where his village lay on the foothills of the _____ mountain range, on the shores of the _______ Sea.

When Elric was 17 years old, his village was raided by frost giants. His father and older brother both died in the raid defending their village. Elric, unfortunately was knocked unconscious and spared a warrior’s death. Several of the village women and children were kidnapped by the raiders, and most of their foodpiles were looted.

Against the wise advice from the elders of the village, Elric led a group of warriors to track the giants through the tundra back to their lair. The hunting party was ambushed by the giants they pursued. All of the warriors met their deaths that day, except for Elric, who fell down a frozen ravine during the battle and was spared once again. Bruised and battered, Elric was barely able to crawl back to his village, suffering from severe frostbite. Elric was nursed back to health, although he lost two of his fingers. Elric could no longer face his mother or younger sister any longer, ashamed of his failure to protect the village, then to exact vengeance on their attackers.

By the following spring, Elric left his home village, bade farewell to his mother and sister, and promised them that one day he would win back his honor, die a warrior’s death, and be reunited with his father and brother in Valhalla.


Elric Ragnarson

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